Your hands are a bridge to the world. Whether you’re shaking hands upon meeting, communicating with hand expressions, showing affection to those you love or soothing your child, your hands deserve the gift of self-care. Enjoy the privacy of the manicuring room, a warm neck wrap to soothe tension, blissful hand massage, and the satisfaction of perfectly shaped and polished nails.

  • Express

    30 MIN
    Clean-up, express hand massage and polish.
  • Signature

    45 MIN
    Focused on relaxation, this manicure includes an exfoliating sugar scrub and hand and forearm massage.
  • Gel Extension Full Set

    75 MIN
    Buildable gel nail extensions are perfect to sculpt and extend your nails beyond their natural length. Compared to acrylics, they look more natural, they are more flexible which leads to less breakage, the gel is self-leveling which leads to less lumps and bumps, and the smell is safer and less offensive.

    A Gel Nail Extension Full Set includes cuticle cleanup, extension application, one color gel polish, and lotion application. Enhance service with $5 massage. $10 simple nail art. Fills are recommended every two weeks.
  • Gel Extension Fill

    30 MIN
    Gel Extension Nails require regular maintenance with fills. Fills should be scheduled every two weeks after your first full application. Lotus Spa will only perform gel extension fills on nails done at Lotus Spa in order to provide the highest client satisfaction.
  • Gel Extension Removal

    30 MIN
    Removal of Gel Extension nails is performed in the safest, least invasive method to protect the integrity of your natural nails and skin. Lotus Spa will only perform gel extension removal on nails done at Lotus Spa in order to provide the highest client satisfaction.