Lotus Spa Re-Opening Announcement:

On behalf of the Lotus Spa Eau Claire team, we would like to thank the community and our clients for your loyalty and support. The past several months have been unlike anything we have ever experienced, and we are working hard to adapt so we can continue to serve you in a thoughtful and safe manner. Your health and the health of our staff is our priority and every decision we make is from that perspective. We want to make sure that the decision to re-open our spa is well thought out, and that we are creating an environment that is safe for everyone. We are making changes to the spa and the way we serve you to keep everyone healthy.

what to expect:

You must be wearing a mask that completely covers your nose and mouth areas to enter our building. If there are more than 5 people in our lobby at the time you enter, you will be asked to wait outside until someone exits. You may not bring anyone with you unless they are also receiving a service. When you enter Lotus Spa or Lotus Bloom (our clinic next-door to Lotus Spa), you will see a bar-top table labeled "Check-In Station". The concierge will greet you and accompany you to the check-in station where they will administer 80% alcohol hand sanitizing spray. After thoroughly sanitizing your hands, you will be provided a Health Screening Form that asks about potential exposures, symptoms, your signature, and that of a witness (the concierge assisting you). You will be provided a sanitized pen to complete your form which you will keep with you to give to your service clinician. The concierge will take your temperature using our infrared thermometer and document your temperature on your health screening form. If your temperature is higher than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius, you will be required to leave and will need to reschedule your appointment for another date. Once you've completed this process, the concierge will check you in for your appointment, provide you a locker key for a freshly sanitized locker where you can store your personal items during your appointment, give you a robe and sandals to wear and lead you to the appropriate locker room. 

You must keep your mask on at all times unless your clinician instructs you to move or remove your mask due to the type of service you're receiving. You will be offered water, tea, or biscuits by your clinician or the concierge during waiting times in the Lotus Room. If you enjoy these amenities, you may remove your mask to eat and drink but must immediately replace your mask afterward. We encourage guests to limit their time before, between, and after appointments and to wash their hands frequently. Social distancing is required between clients in the common areas. Lockers in the locker rooms are assigned to allow for ample distance between clients, seating is significantly spaced out in the Lotus Room, and guides have been placed on the floor at the front desk to allow for distance between customers during check-in and check-out. 

If you are not feeling well, please cancel your appointment at any point. We are happy to assist you with rescheduling at a later date. There are no penalties for cancellations due to potential or confirmed COVID-19 concerns. Please understand that we abide by the same expectation for our staff members. If a staff member isn't feeling well, we will be rescheduling her appointments to protect clients and the safety of our entire staff and their families. We appreciate your understanding surrounding these changes. 


-We are now conducting health screenings for our employees and taking temperatures prior to every shift.

-Requiring all staff to wear masks at all times, in all spaces within the spa. Staff members also wear face shields when they are performing all treatments. 

-Requiring clients to complete a Health Screening Form upon entering the spa for scheduled appointments. Click to view Health Screening Form.

-Taking client temperatures upon arrival.

-If clients arrive at the spa without a mask, they will not be permitted inside and must reschedule their appointment(s). If a client forgets their mask and wishes to purchase one, we have a limited supply available for $1. 

-Taking steps to allow for physical distancing.

-Limiting the number of clients and staff in the spa at any given time.

-Increasing our already stringent cleaning and sanitation steps.

-We have added additional employment positions for "Spa Attendants" whose sole responsibilities are to sanitize all areas of the spa. Lockers, restrooms, sinks, counters, shower stalls, door handles, check-in stations, surfaces in the Lotus Room, and all other frequently-touched surfaces are sanitized after every client check-in, check-out, or use. Our sanitizers are EPA approved for the novel Coronavirus. 

How will your experience differ?

-Steam rooms are closed.

-Snacks and beverages will be delivered individually to clients by gloved staff members when requested. Snacks and beverages will not be self-serve in the Lotus Room.

-Locker room doors will be propped open to avoid touching additional surfaces.

-Locker room amenities will be delivered individually to clients to a gloved staff. These amenities include deodorant packets, tampons, razors, washcloths, bath towels for showering, etc. 

-Seating in the Lotus Room will be spaced out according to physical distancing guidelines. 

-Catered lunches are unavailable at this time. 

-Lotus Experience is unavailable ($15 visit to the spa without an appointment).