Oncology Services

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Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage is the adaptation of massage to safely nurture the body, mind and spirit of anyone who has or is dealing with cancer. Our trained massage therapist has learned to safely and effectively adapt massage techniques to
provide care for all levels of cancer treatment.
Each massage is individualized for oncologic diagnosis and treatment methods. The benefits include promotion of sleep and deep relaxation, decreased symptoms of neuropathy, increased range of motion, decreased adhesions when treating surgical scars, and decreased anxiety. Clients in remission will also benefit from this massage. Oncology Massages are performed by our Oncology Service Specialist, Sarah Johnson. Physician Release required to receive this service.

60 minutes $80
45 minutes $67
30 minutes $55

Sarah Johnson
“I am honored to be able to share oncology massage with clients currently in treatment, cancer survivors, or caregivers for someone undergoing treatment. Oncology massage is about supporting the body; not challenging the body. ”

-Loving Lotus since July 8th, 2015

-Licensed Massage Therapist- Minneapolis School of Massage & Bodywork

-BA, Mass Communications, Taylor University

-Adjunct Instructor, Globe University

-Myofascial Release

-Massage for Veterans

-Aroma Touch Technique

-First Aid/ CPR

-Oncology Massage Therapy; Caring for Clients with Cancer

Oncology Facial

Through Oncology Training, our team specialist learned proper techniques and processes for caring for those in cancer treatment. Each facial is customized based on
treatment methods and clinical diagnosis. Through this training our licensed Aesthetician can provide a safe environment for those dealing with cancer treatments. Your first appointment will include a complimentary 15 minute consultation with our team specialist. Oncology Facials are performed by our Oncology Service Specialist, Melissa Blake. Physician Release required to receive this service.

60 minutes $80

Melissa Blake
“I was looking for a way to reach out to my community and help those whose health has been compromised. It is a wonderful marriage of aesthetic skills and compassion. My goal is that through the power of safe and educated aesthetic touch, I can now provide a moment of peace and comfort in the chaos of cancer. While helping to soothe the skin and calm the side effects of treatment, we also have the
opportunity to listen and really be there for our clients in their time of need.”

-Loving Lotus since December 10th, 2013

-Wisconsin Licensed Aesthetician, Academy of Advanced Esthetics

-Bachelor of Science in Retail Merchandising and Management, University of Wisconsin-Stout

-Face & Body Midwest Advanced Education Conference Oncology Esthetics- USA Training

-National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations

-Member of the Associated Skin Care Professionals