LED Treatments

LED therapy is a painless process which delivers light energy of various frequencies to the skin and underlying tissues  and has been clinically proven to improve cell function.

LED Maintenance Treatments
20 minutes

Cleansing, prepping, and enjoying the LED treatment as an adjunct to your Clinical Facials. Recommended weekly for acne prone skin types.

LED Add-on to a Clinical Facial
10 minutes

Add this 10 minute LED enhancement to your previously booked clinical facial only.

LED for acne prone skin
  • Blue light helps kill bacteria in acne and breakout prone skin without any harsh side effects of medications. The treatment is soothing and stabilizing to sebaceous glands and helps to regulate oil production. In addition to treating acne, Blue Light Treatment also strengthens the skin’s own anti-inflammatory systems. Blue light treatments is extremely effective in stimulating the body’s immune response which encourages our own healing processes.
  • How do you get the best results?
    • It is recommended that you receive treatments 7-10 days apart. Skin conditions vary, but typically four to six treatments are needed for desired results, with a maintenance treatment every 1-2 months.
  • What are some contraindications to this treatment?
    • Pregnancy, Epilepsy, Thyroid Conditions, medications that cause sensitivity to light such as Tetracycline or Acutane. If any of these conditions exist or if you aren’t sure about your medical condition, consult your physician before receiving the first treatment.