Our promise is to bring you the assurance of qualified, board certified, physician administered medical treatments in a spa environment of comfort and luxury.

Dr. Michelle Facer, business owner


Creative Director
Jenna Barnes
Heather Thom     Stacey Langness     Sarah Johnson     Amber Hamilton    Ashley Kuprin     Kelly Thompson
Facials, Body Treatments, Waxing
Melissa Blake        Alexis Anderson       Bailey Weingart      Brianna West      Mary Osoba
Eyelash Extensions
Melissa Blake       Alexis Anderson – American Volume Certified


Chemical Peels, Dermaplaning
Melissa Blake       Alexis Anderson        Bailey Weingart       Mary Osoba



Melissa Blake
Manicures, Pedicures
Alexis Kittelson          Brianna West         Kristen Simmons
Alexis Anderson          Brianna West
Concierge Team
Breanna Bahr       Robin Rugotzke       Caitlyn Peterson       Nichole Tanata